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19 nominations for the Eyesore of the Year 2014

19 companies, institutions and individuals are nominated for the „Eyesore of the Year 2014“. The Eyesore oft he Year is a prize which is awarded to particularly socially irresponsibly acting companies, institutions, or individuals.

Each and every can join!

Each and everyone can participate in determining the Eyesore of the Year. This applies to both the nomination and voting that takes place online. The online voting will start in January 2015.

The further process

The 19 nominations for the Eyesore oft the Year 2014 are analyzed by the jury: It is checked whether they meet the criteria. The jury then creates a shortlist which will be put to the vote. Comprehensive dossiers clarify about the anti-social behavior oft he nominated enterprises, institutions, organizations or persons. About online voting anyone interested can participate in the vote for the Eyesore og the Year 2014. On the World Day of Social Justice on 20 February 2015 the prize is awarded at a public event.

Background of the campaign: the contradiction between appearance and reality

Marieta Kaufmann, the director of the network NeSoVe and coordinator of the campaign, explains the context of the eyesore “We have seen in recent years more and more companies and institutions issuing reports on corporate social responsibility, thus presenting themselves as socially responsible. What seems positive at first sight, however, often turns out as a PR joke. We felt it was important to show the contradiction between appearance and reality, and therefore we had the idea of the eyesore of the year.”

Stefan Grasgruber-Kerl, the deputy Chairman of NeSoVe adds “The aim of the eyesore was to intervene in the discourse on corporate responsibility. It is important to show that often CSR is just greenwashing and do always needs the critical control of civil society. We also need better legal framework to protect people and nature from irresponsible companies.”

Franz Fiala, Chairman of NeSoVe stresses in terms of legal framework: “The number of nominations for the eyesore in recent years clearly shows us that companies must be subject to a more stringent regulation and precise control. It is important to us in this context, not to stand still at the level of moralizing. With the Eyesore we set also a distinct appeal to the public and politicians to strive for legislative improvements. Legislative reforms play a crucial role when it comes to prevent future blots. ”

Eyesore of the Past Year

The Eyesore of the Year was awarded to KiK, Mayr-Melnhof Packaging, the Federal Theatre Holding, and Andritz Hydro GmbH in the past years. Full clarifications of the reasons are on the file: http://www.schandfleck.or.at/dossier All information of the nominations are on: http://www.schandfleck.or.at/